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The female body shouldn’t be a medical mystery



Shopify Theme Development

Custom App Development

App Integration

Evvy is a health and wellness company that provides an at-home vaginal microbiome test and personalized recommendations to help individuals maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome. Their aim is to provide customers with science-backed insights to improve their overall well-being.



Evvy approached us to develop their eCommerce platform and enhance their marketing website using Shopify. They were intrigued by our prior project for a health and wellness client that employed the same web stack they intended to use, including Shopify, ReCharge, and Webflow. This synchronization was crucial as time was limited before their official launch, giving them confidence in our ability to recreate the desired experience swiftly.



We established essential eCommerce features like account management, checkout, and payment processing using Shopify. The integration of ReCharge facilitated smooth management of their subscription-based healthcare service and recurring billing. Utilizing their existing product page on Webflow, we synced the product availability with Shopify and maintained a fluid transition to checkout to ensure a seamless user experience. This eCommerce stack created a strong foundation, enabling Evvy to offer top-notch virtual healthcare services while delivering a seamless online journey for their customers.


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